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    OneWrap is a Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper.OneWrap is the right solution for most common pallet wrapping needs. It is a semi-automatic machine for wrapping palletized loads with stretch film. It can be equipped with mechanical and electromagnetic brake (EM / M / FM) or mechanical and powered pre-stretch carriages (SM – 90% / LP – 240%).New Control PanelIt has been designed a sleek and modern control panel with understandable icons. OneWrap can be programmed with 10 different programs, allowing consistent wrapping cycle for a given product.The machine has 5 different modes of operation:Automatic UP ONLYAutomatic UP & DOWNAutomatic UP ONLY + PAUSE FOR TOP SHEETAutomatic UP & DOWN + PAUSE FOR TOP SHEETManualControl Panel FeaturesDifferent speed of the carriage in ascent and descent phase.Top sheet application cycle with programmable amount of carriage descent before pause (time delay).Overwrap amount programmable from the control panel (time delay).Cycle can be stopped at any point and then continued (useful for corner protections application).Large display with two digits to view parameters to be adjusted (speed, number of loops, film tension, overwrap, times, top sheet descent level and error code display).熱線:18017746677

    SIAT 自走式纏繞機BEEWRAP SIAT 進口纏繞機 SIAT 自走式纏繞機配件 SIAT 自走式纏繞機維修

    SIAT 纏繞機PROWRAP  SIAT 纏繞機進口 SIAT 纏繞機配件 SIAT 纏繞機維修

    SIAT 纏繞機ONEWRAP PLUS SIAT 纏繞機價格 SIAT纏繞機維修 SIAT 纏繞機保養 SIAT 纏繞機維修

    自走式纏繞機BEEWRAP  纏繞機維修 全自動纏繞機

    廠家直銷纏繞機   自走式國裹包機BEEWRAP    機場行李打包

    SIAT纏繞機維修    BeeWrap-scaled纏繞機  自走式纏繞機

    OneWrap-L-15-M-纏繞機  廠家直銷全自動纏繞機   水平纏繞機

    薄膜纏繞機  ONEWRAP-PLUS纏繞機   自走式纏繞機

    SIAT自走式纏繞機BEEWRAP   廠家直銷纏繞機    SIAT纏繞機維修

    自走式纏繞機BEEWRAP  纏繞機維修 全自動纏繞機

    廠家直銷纏繞機   自走式國裹包機BEEWRAP    機場行李打包

    SIAT纏繞機維修    BeeWrap-scaled纏繞機  自走式纏繞機

    OneWrap-L-15-M-纏繞機  廠家直銷全自動纏繞機   水平纏繞機

    薄膜纏繞機  ONEWRAP-PLUS纏繞機   自走式纏繞機

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